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Iglesia El Mesias, Inc. Restaurando Vidas!


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This page gives us the opportunity to introduce the pastor and key staff members. We may use a format similar to the one below.

Yuderka Canela is the head secretary for the church. She was a member for five years before becoming part of the staff. Yuderca always has a smile on her face, and plays a vital role in our daily activities. She has been married for ten years and has three children.

Yuderka Canela

Rev. Joel Acevedo

Here is a picture of Reverend Joel Acevedo, the pastor for our church. Joel has been here for the past fifteen years. His dedication to his faith and to the church is a strength that we all benefit from. Joel is married and has a wonderful daughter, name Crystal Esmirna.


Ana Medina is another long-time member of our staff. She is in charge of all the financial duties for the church, including paying the bills, collections, fund raising, and community service. ana enjoys reading in her spare time.

Feel free to come by and meet us!


Ministerio El Mesias, Inc. Terminal Esso #22 Los Mameyes Santo Domingo Este *Rep.Dom * (809) 231-5480.